Redeeming Rewards After Changes by Merchant

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This article answers the query: How is the redemption of rewards by customers affected when the merchant edits the price or offer of a reward?

This information is useful for merchants when editing price or details for rewards after they have been running for a while.



Some merchants assume that after editing a reward, the new changes will be applied to everyone. However, this is not the case.

  • Once the subscriber earns the reward, it will stay as it is unless the reward expired (set to expire in seven days for example) or is redeemed by the subscriber.
  • After the reward is edited, the new changes only apply to subscribers earning it after it was changed. Those who earned the reward before the changes were made will still have the original reward.

For example, consider this scenario:

  1. A campaign carries a Check-In Reward that offers a 'Free Drink' for two check-ins by customers. 
  2. Customer A makes two check-ins and earns the offer of a 'Free Drink' but did not redeem the reward.
  3. Customer B makes one check-in. 
  4. The merchant changes the offer in a Check-In Reward to offer 'Free Dish' for two check-ins by customers.
    • When the reward is changed, those who have already reached required check-ins and earned the original offer but have not redeemed it will still have the original offer available for redemption. 
    • For those who reach the required check-ins after the change will receive the new offer. 
    • The number of check-ins continues to accumulate for everyone. 
  5. Customer A checks in, and reaches three check-ins with the old offer for 'Free Drink' still available for redemption. 
  6. Customer B checks in, and reaches two check-ins with the new offer 'Free Dish'.  


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